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Celebrate your special day with your special someone? Let the fire of love or friendship ignite again. Give yourself an extraordinary experience that Dubai has to offer. Experience Dhow Cruise Dubai.

There are a lot of places to visit in Dubai, but to find something affordable yet classy is quite hard especially when your budget is tight. Dhow Creek Dinner will unleash your spirit and release all tension of work and other things.

Introducing a perfect place to unwind and bond with someone. Dhow Cruise Dinner in Creek is made up of a big wooden boat. It was believed to be the means of bartering and trading in the old times that made UAE successful. But Dinner in Cruise is now used to bring the creative way of having your two hours worthwhile with the people you want to be with.   

Dinner in Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise is a way of celebrating your important events with your family, friends, and workmates. Parties like birthday, anniversaries, team building are mostly held here due to its unbelievable ambiance and affordability.

Enjoy welcome drinks, dates and 4* international buffet that was fully prepared for the satisfaction of all passengers. On board, are entertainment shows like Magic show, Tanura show and Puppet show that brings joy to every individual. Let them captivate your attention and have the best day of your life.   

Not far as it can describe, Dhow Cruise Marina is one of the best places to visit as well. Due to its outstanding high buildings around Marina. It will give you a feeling of luxurious life with its marvelous lights and landscape.     

Take a snap of the skyscrapers, sparkling city lights and other lit wooden boat sailing across the port. Dhow Cruise Dinner in Dubai is a unique experience that will bring a smile to your face until the end of time. 


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